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As an active contributor to the PowerPivot online community, I was recently wondering how Excel data analysts look for help when they are stuck with PowerPivot.   So I ran a search in Google for ‘PowerPivot help’, and I got back a few online reference documents that walk you over what you can do with this tool.   However, this may not be what you need.   What if you could ask your specific question and get an aswer to the particular issue you are working on?

Well, such a place exists.  It is called the “MSDN SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel forums”.   Feel free to go there and ask any PowerPivot question you wish.   One note: if your question is about DAX calculations or PowerPivot data modeling, it really helps if you post sample data so that participants can reproduce the issue on their side.

Here is the link:  http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sqlkjpowerpivotforexcel/threads

See you there!


3 Responses to PowerPivot Help

  1. Johannes says:

    Hey Javier,
    do you already know something about the RankX feature in Denali?
    You mentioned that over here:

    • javierguillen says:

      Hi Johannes

      RankX should definitely be a more efficient way to calculate things like Median in DAX (compared to a customer iterator like shown in the blog). Its performance should make it much more appealing when calculating things like Median. I hope to publish soon a post in which I compare the performance of RankX with the method previosly discussed to calculate Median

      Is there any specific thing you are interested in regarding RankX other than performance improvements?


      • Johannes says:


        apart from the performance improvements I’m interested in the following things:
        – which release of PowerPivot is going th have RankX implemented?
        – when is this release seeing the light of day?
        – are there going to be any other time-efficiency functions like RankX that are going so save us hops like the one presented in your post?


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